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As a successful director and project director Robert enjoys solving problems in the offshore and floating wind & finance and M&A sectors and specifically wind and offshore energy. A professional manager with 20+ years experience in renewables and involved in renewable energy projects with a combined total of 13GW of installed capacity and an investment value of more than US$23 billion.

Skills include setting up new businesses, teams, units and initiatives in the wind and renewables sector. He has had a successful career of building up and managing/directing teams and projects, winning new business, working with permitting authorities & other regulatory bodies and structuring project/private finance and undertaking diligence for renewable energy projects particularly wind, offshore wind and solar.


Typically he helps senior executives who want to;
- Break new ground - Transition to new geographic markets, new sectors, new teams
- De-risk projects, programmes etc
- Bring clarity to complex situations

He is fluent in English and German, and recent work in UK, across Europe, in the USA and in the Far East, including the China-region gives him a good understanding of the renewables sector today across the World.

He works in challenging roles as a Director / VP / Sector Lead In large scale offshore wind or renewables, where his skills and experience add value to an organisation that is looking to pivot or transition to a ambitious low-carbon or Net Zero CO2 goal.


Executive Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Quantic School of Business & Technology, Washington, DC, USA

Post Graduate Certificate Project Finance

Middlesex University, London, UK

Masters Degree - Renewable Energy Systems Technology (MSc)

Middlesex University, London, UK

Honours Degree - Mechanical Engineering with German (BEng)

Swansea University, UK & Mannheim, Germany

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